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Urban culture clashes with South-Eastern Europe at Bucharest, 12-14 August
23.07.2010 Bookmark and Share
Bucharest, Tineretului Skatepark, 12th - 14th 2010. Freestyle House Romania made it possible: one arena, seven disciplines, internationally acclaimed artists and icons, three days of urban culture jam and putting it out there in the street. Tineretului Skatepark @ Bucharest, Romania is hosting the International Urban Culture Festival „Street Heroes”. Skateboarding and BMX contest, graffiti, street art, street dance and a promising line-up.    August will reveal THE event. Scroll down if you wanna know where it’s at!

Skater, rider, couch potato, groupie, graffer, fanatic, street dancer, bartender, rapper – whatever. All rise and check out and read about it before you grab your backpack.

One of the biggest and coolest skateparks in South-Eastern Europe, three days of outdoor competitions, urban disciplines in one arena, connecting hundreds of thousands of people just like you. Pros and amateurs in skateboarding team contests, BMX one to one pro bowl contest, Murals, Freestyle Throw Ups, Handstyle Tags and Sketching in crew and individual competitions. Street art brings together artists questioning the surroundings and the environment with their own language, who will gather in front of a wall and write history. Talented dancers freestyling on the dance floor. Head to head bartenders’ battle are the warm-up for the evening’s concerts and mixes. Sick tricks, big shots, crazy beats. No previous event gathered the culture and the urban, challenging you to three days of your favourite sports, your idols, your artists, your lifestyle.

So nevermind your previous agenda, feed the dog, grab your stuff and keep it moving direction Romania, Bucharest. You can get there by plane, train, car, or whoever is going East and has a seat for you. Don’t forget your camera. And your friends.

More info:
Visit our page on facebook and follow us on twitter!
Event organized by Freestyle House Romania.
Tickets:  ~ 20 E – three days’ entrance

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